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SMOKED BEEF (1lb. Fresh)


At least 10 years ago this guy my Dad and I knew (god rest his soul) took my Dad to the store at exit 202 of I-75. My Dad had some of the jerky there and brought some home with him. I tried it and was hooked, I can't even think about buying any other kind, IT'S JERKY OUTLET OR BUST!!!
So now when someone in my family makes it that far upstate, It is a required stop at exit 202. It is so bad we can't even keep a pound around, It gets devoured. By me and now my wife is hooked on it too.
If anybody is reading this that hasn't tried it, I say what are you waiting for? I have ordered online and gone to the store IT IS the best and freshed either way you get it, Just get your hands on some of it
And one last thing, they want a rating I give it a five because that is the highest it goes, But I definately give it TEN stars yes that was a 10.
Date Added: 06/25/2005 by William Wolff

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